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  • Definition

    A sound of elation, similar to the revving of a bike engine.

  • Registered Trademark™

    A stylish verbal trademark registered to Malaysia Intellectual Property under sporting and cultural activities. Trademark Registration Number: 2016013033.

  • BRAAAP™ Motorsports Club

    A registered motorsport club under the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Malaysia; Section 17, Sports Development Act 1997. Club Registration Number: 9145 / 2017

  • Story of BRAAAP Motorsport

    It's begins in 2015, at a time, the scene of local motorcycle sport offers very limited opportunity for below 400cc bikes to get a taste of track day and racing experience.

  • BRAAAP™ Trackday

    Due to the higher demand especially from the 250cc sports bike, BRAAAP has motivated to formed a BRAAAP Trackday community on social media platform and successfully organized an inaugural private track day in April 2015.

  • In FY2015 itself, BRAAAP has organized 15 track days at 5 different tracks namely, Sepang International Circuit, Sepang Gokart Circuit, Johor Circuit, USJ Elite Speedway Circuit, UNIMAP Circuit and Melaka International Motorsports Circuit.

  • BRAAAP™ Racing

    Following to the warmth response shown by the increasing number of participants of BRAAAP Trackdays, 6 talented riders who were actively participated in the BRAAAP Trackday were selected to represent BRAAAP Racing Team in Malaysian Superbike Championship (MSBK), effectively the country’s national championship for circuit motorcycle racing.

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